I’m Only Here for The Cake!

Wedding cakes are a signature trademark in every wedding. Brides want that perfect picture of cutting the first slice of cake as Husband and Wife. Grooms mainly want to be invited to the cake tasting before it gets ordered! No matter what your party size is most bakeries are going to sell you enough to […]

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Invite or Not to Invite?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time for your invitation lists… Of course, you need an invitation list for the Wedding Reception, but the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower and bachelorette parties may also need their own list. Figuring out who to invite and who not to invite for each of these events can create some […]

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The Speech

Who should give a speech, how long should it be and what topics are off-limits in the speech? The Father of the Bride:  This is the question we get most often regarding who should give a speech at the wedding reception.  Regarding the father of the bride, typically his speech is done at the rehearsal […]

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