Victorian Room

Throw a Huge Wedding!

Make the most out of this space with additional guests and party rentals.

When combined with the Continental Room, this space can accommodate up to 550 people, and 150 people individually. This space makes it the perfect room to not only hold a larger wedding, but to also hold larger showers, meetings and other social gatherings. Do you expect more than 150 people? We can show you how to combine these two gorgeous rooms, and still make the most of your space. You don’t need to worry about the room looking bare. This room is completely renovated and so beautiful it hardly needs any dressing up!
  • Sophisticated and luxurious setting
  • More room for more items
  • Room for multiple bars
  • 550 guests maximum
  • New carpet and freshly painted walls

*Full capacity depends how many extra tables are going into the room (Photo Booth, Band, DJ, Dessert/Sweet Table, ect…).


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