I’m Only Here for The Cake!

Wedding cakes are a signature trademark in every wedding. Brides want that perfect picture of cutting the first slice of cake as Husband and Wife. Grooms mainly want to be invited to the cake tasting before it gets ordered! No matter what your party size is most bakeries are going to sell you enough to feed all of your guests. FUN FACT: Not all of your guests are going to eat the cake.

By dessert time, your guests are full from appetizers, drinks and dinner. At the end of the night many couples find themselves taking cake home or saying no thanks. This leaves banquet halls with a surplus. Do yourself a favor and do not over order!

Who is coming to your reception? Think about your audience because older guests do not have as active a sweet tooth compared to younger guests.

Cake Buying Guide:
100 Guests?  Order enough for 75 – 80 guests.

More tips to save money when selecting your wedding cake:

  • Order sheet cake for your guests
  • Order a miniature fancy cake or mostly fake cake for yourself and ceremonial first cut. The days of having a 5-tier cake are waning. Today’s standard = Less is MORE!
  • Order 1 Flavor. Ordering several flavors requires ordering more cake than needed. The tendency is to try and feed as many as possible with each flavor, but very few people who like cake will turn down vanilla or chocolate.

Current Trends:

  • Funfetti Cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Bundt Cakes
  • Donut Walls (no cake!)

Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness,

The Wedding Gurus

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